New Website

  • 9th May 2016
  • News
  • 2 mins

As you are well aware by now, Fruitworks Coworking is expanding. It’s exciting for us, but it’s going to be more exciting for you! We are going to have a lot more desks and office space, as well as a large event space too! If you’re looking for office space in Canterbury, you should check out our space. 

Along with the expansion, a fresh lick of paint, and more social media outlets for you to connect with us on (YouTube, Instagram), we’ve taken the time to freshen up our online presence. On our new Youtube channel, we will be sharing videos from our events so you don’t get to miss out! Our Instagram is to keep everyone up-to-date visually with what’s new in the office, what events are on and to let everyone know how our expansion is going.

All three of us, George, Tony and Kelly, have worked tirelessly to ensure the website is flawless; improving legibility on posts, optimizing loading times and animations, and rolling out new features and services for our members.

Guest Posting!

We listened to your feedback – Do you have a new product, want to shout about your new services, or want to share your insight about a topic you’re passionate about? We’re now allowing guest authors to write insightful content for the Fruitworks Blog!

You might be asking yourselves what benefit Guest Posting has to you, and why you should give us your content? We know it’s hard to part ways with your content, however, the benefits of guest posting are substantial for improving your Search Rankings. Link backs are a big part of this, and we allow you to link back to your content, just as long as you keep it within reasonable limits as we see fit.

Being a Guest Author doesn’t lose your rights to your content, and we don’t disguise your posts as ours (Boo!). We make it very clear you wrote it, adding an Author block at the end of the post displaying your headshot, job title, and a short biography – you can see below for an example.

Interested? Get in touch with us today!

A Spotlight for Members

We’ve revamped our members page from what once was a bolted on quickie of a job, it’s now a beautiful showcase of our members!

Now a fully integrated system, there’s more benefits to becoming a member. We give our members the opportunity to write a biography about themselves or their business, links to social media and 2 custom URLs so they introduce themselves to our existing community.

Our members truly are the stars of our business; without them we wouldn’t be Kent’s most successful Coworking space!


George Beresford Creative Marketing Manager, Fruitworks Coworking

Primarily a UX/UI & Graphic Designer working for Fruitbowl Media Ltd., George also provides and creates most marketing material used on our social media outlets and website; the site in which he started to redesign back in February 2016, for an Easter launch to coincide with our 2016 expansion. George enjoys helping others how to design and is always trying to learn more and improve his own skills.