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History of Fruitworks Coworking

Fruitworks coworking is the brain child of Liam Gooding who needed a new office for his company Fruitbowl Media as they were quickly outgrowing their current office space. Finding office space in Canterbury at a reasonable price seemed impossible and we toyed with the idea of moving the company to London but after the additional traveling costs, the figures didn’t add up. What we did discover from looking for office space in London though was a new trend that seemed to be popping up everywhere – coworking!


After some research the team discovered that Canterbury didn’t actually have its own coworking space so we set out to create our own. Whilst searching for office space that could accommodate 20+ people and was close to good transport links as well as inside the Canterbury city walls we found an old Victorian Warehouse for rent. This fitted all of our needs as well as allowing us to create a space that was something special – away from the blue carpets and cream walls 99% of other offices offer.


We were given the keys a few days before the Christmas of 2011 and awkwardly enough was greeted with cream painted brick walls, blue stained carpet and a kitchen that consisted of an old dirty sink being propped up by a broken cupboard being held together with duct tape.


After months of paint stripping, floor sanding, painting and kitchen installing we officially opened our doors on the 23rd February 2012. It took a lot of time and effort to get it to the stage that we were happy to call our space – and could not have done it without the help of all our volunteers (aka friends) – who we are forever grateful for.


In February 2013 – Liam sold both companies to local businessman Paul Andrews (CEO of who has invested time and money into growing the community within the space. However we quickly realised that we had become too popular and was in desperate search to expand the space either into a single larger property, or having two separate spaces in Canterbury.


Important Milestones

Date Milestone
09/08/2011 Fruitworks was thought up
20/12/2011 Got the Keys
21/12/2011 Renovation Began
23/02/2012 Doors Opened
27/02/2013 Paul Andrews Purchases Fruitworks
11/12/2015 New Space Becomes Available
01/04/2016 Got The Keys of New Part
04/04/2016 Renovation Began of New Part
20/06/2017 Reached Full Capacity
01/04/2019 Coffee Shop Expands
25/05/2020 Today

Fruitworks Coworking: The Expansion

In December 2015 – our landlords approached us to let us know that our neighbours – The VegBox Café and Whole Foods where on the move. We jumped at the chance and signed the pre-agreements within days to move in on the 1st April. Work started on the 4th April to create dedicated rooms for larger companies – helping those who started off as Freelancers or a couple of people to expand their team as well as a lot more hot desking space for up to 150 people.

Meet the Team

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Tony Heyden

Coworking Manager

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George Beresford

Creative Marketing Manager

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Paul Andrews


Space Photographs

If you need some beautiful photos for your article/blog/story/epic video then you have come to the right place. Click the button to grab the pack of photos of our space – just make sure to credit us and only use them when talking about us (although flattering when others claim it’s their office – it would be nice to get some credit).

If you require a photo pack without our logo watermarked, please get in touch with our community manager who'd be happy to help

Fruitworks' Brand

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