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20 Business Tips For Budding Entrepreneurs // Guidance
Thursday, 26th November 2015

So you’ve just started a business, and now you’re stuck, you’re feeling self-doubt and like it isn’t going to work. Perhaps, you’re being stubborn and want to go it alone, yet still need advice from time to time. But you must keep going! That’s why we have compiled the below list of tips for business! 1. … Continue Reading →

20+ Must-Have Tools + Websites For Entrepreneurs // Guidance
Tuesday, 27th October 2015

Starting up a business on a low budget is hard, especially if you have a lot of overheads. Paying for tools is often the last thing you want to do. Below we have rounded up our favourite free tools to use for your startup! Design   Canva A design tool that is both fantastic and … Continue Reading →

Why You Should Be Networking // Guidance
Thursday, 22nd October 2015

Networking can deliver a higher return on investment than a lot of marketing tools, so why are so many small businesses still not doing it? Creating relationships is the catalyst to business success so below, I’m going to explain the reasons why you should sign up to networking meetings in your area. Making Friends Not … Continue Reading →

Are you making the most of your break? // Guidance
Friday, 16th October 2015

Research has shown that when taking your break, you should separate your work entirely. It sound counter-productive, doing less means doing more, but research states that cutting yourself off will keep you feeling refreshed and can prevent burnout. Entrepreneurs, especially when starting out, often suffer burnout as they are working themselves too hard. Usually there is … Continue Reading →

Why Hotdesking? // Guidance
Thursday, 15th October 2015

Hotdesking is a lot like coworking, however you don’t have your own residential space and it is shared between other hotdeskers. It has increased in popularity in recent years due to the flexibility and cost, but how does it compare to having a residential space? Less Overheads When using a hot desk, usually there are … Continue Reading →

Coworking Is Better Than Your Bedroom // Guidance
Tuesday, 13th October 2015

Starting a small business at home can first feel like the best thing in the world, no boss to answer to, working in your pyjamas and laying in bed with your trusty laptop. I’m not going to lie, this is an amazing feeling to start with but as you start to take your business more … Continue Reading →

Macmillan Coffee Morning // Events
Tuesday, 29th September 2015

We would like to say a big thank you to all of our Fruitworks members for getting involved with and baking for our Macmillan Cancer Support coffee morning! In total we raised £85.31 PLUS Gift Aid which is a fantastic result! This could pay for up to three Macmillan nurses to spend an hour with someone … Continue Reading →

What Makes A Co-working Space Effective? // News
Tuesday, 22nd September 2015

Co-working has increased in popularity over the past few years, not just in the USA but also in the UK. Coworking spaces like ours are the breeding ground for productivity and are the perfect environment for everyone from freelancers to musicians, from startups to fully fledged entrepreneurs. A coworking space is a creative hub for … Continue Reading →

8 Simple Productivity Tips // News
Wednesday, 16th September 2015

We all have times where we lack productivity, we feel like we aren’t getting anything done no matter how hard we are working. However, here are some tips that are guaranteed to boost productivity. 1.  Time is an extremely valuable resource, but is limited. Make sure you prioritise your tasks and use your time well. … Continue Reading →

What To Look For When Choosing A Coworking Space // Guidance
Tuesday, 15th September 2015

There are many things to look for when you are choosing a coworking space, and here I will outline how you can find the ideal work environment to help your business grow into something amazing. 1. Cost Naturally, cost is something that everybody is worried about, you want to get the most for your money. Some … Continue Reading →

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