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The Do’s & Don’ts of Networking on LinkedIn // Guidance
Wednesday, 3rd February 2016

LinkedIn is one of the most powerful social media platforms for finding work, as a freelancer or even finding clients for your business, yet many people aren’t sure quite how to use it properly. We’ve put together this list to help you get the most out of LinkedIn. DON’T: Post your selfies One of the most … Continue Reading →

How To Be Transparent As A Freelancer // Guidance
Tuesday, 2nd February 2016

Every day more and more people are becoming freelancers as the demand is steadily increasing. Businesses both large and small are looking for freelancers to work on one-off projects, and most of the time they use the same freelancers. So why is it that some freelancers get repeat work and you’re not? It’s all about … Continue Reading →

How To Give A Knock-Out Elevator Pitch // Guidance
Thursday, 28th January 2016

An elevator pitch is made to catch investors or clients attention and attract them to your business, whilst still being short and snappy. A standard elevator pitch is between 30 seconds and 2 minutes, it’s your choice how long you’d like it to be. Personally, I would recommend 45 seconds to a minute to avoid … Continue Reading →

How To Win At Being A Freelancer // Guidance
Wednesday, 27th January 2016

Becoming a freelancer is an increasingly popular choice of work. Rather than being employed by someone else, you work for yourself and set your own hours etc. But how do you stand out from the crowd? How do you get your clients to return? If any of these have run through your head, please continue … Continue Reading →

Top Tips For Exhibiting Your Small Business // Guidance
Tuesday, 26th January 2016

With exhibition season looming, many small businesses are looking to exhibit with little to know knowledge. Below I have compiled a list of tips for making sure your stand shines and you build those connections. Does it look the part? Does your stand  stand out from others? What makes people want to approach you?  Make … Continue Reading →

2016 Business Events In Kent // Guidance
Monday, 25th January 2016

Kent is a hub of small businesses, based on latest figures approximately 3.9% of all SME’s in England and Wales are in Kent, that’s pretty cool! There are plenty of business events in 2016 across Kent where you can network with other businesses and make valuable connections. If you’re a Kent business, make sure you get … Continue Reading →

Create – 21st January 2016 // News
Friday, 22nd January 2016

The chairs have been put away, the food eaten and the beer cans in the bin – Create is over and we all had a fantastic night! We would like to thank our awesome speakers, Richard Torble, Deborah Turner and Zoe Cairns for coming along and inspiring the audience, and also, a big thank you … Continue Reading →

Where to find work online as a freelancer // Guidance
Wednesday, 20th January 2016

Working as a freelancer can be tricky as it’s often hard to find regular work. Maybe you’re still building your client base but don’t know where to look? Or maybe you just want to pull in some extra work to pay for a holiday this month? Either way, below we have compiled some top places to … Continue Reading →

Tired of having unproductive meetings? // Guidance
Tuesday, 19th January 2016

Meetings, they’re not exactly the highlight of our day and can often leave us feeling like we have just wasted our time. Your mind drifts, your phone vibrating in your pocket with notifications itching to get checked… We all feel this way at some point, so we have found ways to make the most out … Continue Reading →

30+ Marketing Tips For Small Businesses On A Budget // Guidance
Monday, 18th January 2016

Marketing a small business is hard, especially in early stages when you have next to no capital. Below I have rounded up my best marketing tips for when you are on a tight budget. Got something to add? Leave it in the comments! 1. Create unique business cards Give your prospects a reason not to … Continue Reading →

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