Fond Coffee

Welcome to the Team!

We've teamed up with some awesome, local speciality coffee roasters — Fond Coffee!

Let's be honest; Fruitworks doesn't know coffee – but we sure know coworking. We've handed the reins over to the very capable and amazing team at Fond Coffee providing speciality coffee, teas, soft drinks and amazing food inside our in-house coffee shop!

The coffee...

We source our coffee from some of the best producers around the world, before roasting and packing them in our local South East roastery and we guarantee that the farmers are treated and paid fairly. All our coffee is roasted to order so we can ensure you get the freshest and highest quality beans possible. Lets make better coffee!

The tea...

Our tea selection is sourced by The Rare Tea Company. Our direct trade teas are rescued form the auction processed that are usually followed, guaranteeing the farmer a sustainable income and improving quality of live for the farmers and impacting local communities. Our Black tea, Mint tea and Hibiscus tea are sourced from the independent Satemwa Estate, Malwai. Our hand rolled Green tea is from the Funding Estate, China. And our Camomile tea is from Drava River, Croatia.

Oh the food...

We love food. And we want that passion we have to be shown in everything we offer. For that morning pit stop we have a selection of pastries and toasties, to get you through to lunch time - where we have a selection of sandwiches, paninis, and our signature "Cheesy Boy'z" toastie. And to compliment those or as a sneaky treat, we have a rotating and seasonal range of cakes including our luscious brownies, and bananana bread (made with lots of bananas).

And much more...

Listening to the needs and wants of our customers is important. We understand that just because we have amazing coffee and food that makes mouths water, shouldn't mean we forget the basics as well. With a wide selection of cold soft drinks for all ages, a cheeky selection of chocolate bars and crisps - we really hope we can cater for everyone who visits us. We also have an alcohol licence for those special occasions.

What's the story?

Fond Coffee began as an idea in 2017, when we (Colin and Kieran) both landed in coffee when we were just 18 and soon enough found ourselves learning about all the different aspects of coffee. Fast forward to Colin's kitchen in 2017 and we decided to buy a sample roaster in which we could roast 250g in around 15 minutes. It didn’t take long before we had a friend who recommended us to a small coffee shop who were looking for coffee, and when we overheard customers comment on how great our coffee was - we knew that we was onto something amazing. 30kg a week as a side hustle on a sample roaster is exhausting whilst working as a barista and pulling all nighters in the kitchen trying to fulfil orders. But the time had come when we had saved enough to upgrade to a big boy roaster to fulfil all the orders for our very own roasted coffee. In March 2020 we partnered with Fruitworks Coworking to set up our first coffee shop. And the response so far - phenomenal.

Come drop-by when you're next in town!

We love visitors. If you are looking for a different place to work; relax with good food and drink; or have a meeting, feel free to come and say hey. We are located just off the high street in Canterbury.