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what are your opening hours

hours, opening, times, closed, access

We are open 8:30am - 7:00pm, Monday - Friday. We're also open 9:00am - 5:00pm on Saturdays if you're on a Full or Unlimited Works membership. Occasional Works members do not have Saturday access.

can i leave items here?

belongings, insurance, personal, items

If you have a Full Works membership with a fixed desk, you're welcome to leave items on and under your desk. If you are Occasional or Unlimited Works, you may only leave items here if you rent a locker and your items fit in your locker. Whilst we have security in place, it is still down to each member to have their own insurance as we accept no liability for lost or damaged items.

what is your internet speed?

internet, wifi, speed, upload, download, fibre

We have a fibre line meaning we get 70Mbps down and 20Mbps up on each line. The speed you receive may vary based on how busy it is, what you are doing and how far you are away from the router and of course your device.

can i have meetings at fruitworks?

meetings, guests, meeting room

Of course you can. We only ask that your guests sit in the meeting room or in one of our chill out areas only. Meetings after 5pm will require you to let the Fruitworks team know via email (by 4pm at the latest on the day of the meeting.)

can i use the stair case to access the coffee shop?

members, stairs, coffee, shop, guests

Members are allowed to access the coffee shop via the internal stair case. Guests/visitors should be asked to ring the door bell and wait for a member of staff to escort them up to you.

how do guests or visitors get to me?

door, guests, visitors, stairs, meetings

Between 9am and 5pm all guests should use the stair case from the coffee shop. They just need to ring the door bell and a member of staff will escort them to you. After 5 - guests/meetings need to be pre-booked and they will need to contact you so you can let them in via the members entrance.

is the meeting room booked?

meetings, bookings, meeting room

If it's empty, just pop in. If you need to reserve a date and time in the future, first check the Fruitworks Events Calender for availability, and if your desired slot is available then shoot us an email!

what defines a guest?

guest, meeting, colleague

A guest is someone who is here to discuss something with you about work, or even a friend to have lunch with. Someone who starts doing their work is not a guest, but a day member, and you will need to let us know first.

why are you not open 24/7?

opening, hours, closed, access

Whilst we would love to - we do need some down time to keep the space maintained, and to also allow for cleaners and other trades to carry out any work whilst we are closed. This avoids as much disruption as possible.

are memberships sharable or company based?

membership, sharing, plans

Afraid not. Our memberships are per person. We are happy to transfer your membership to someone else but this can only be changed once every 2 months.

do unused days roll over?

community works, occasional works

As this would be too hard for us to monitor, which would increase the costs, any unused days do not roll over.

how do we access the space?

door, access

Every member should have a door card which provides access based on the plan you have chosen. Any lost, stolen or damaged cards do incur a charge to replace them.

do you have on-site parking?

parking, commute, transport

Unfortunately not. Whilst working in the City Centre has its perks, parking is sacred. There are various car parks only a few minutes walk away, or Canterbury has a Park and Ride scheme in place. Many of our members either get a train, bike or walk.

do you have somewhere to store my bike?

bike, commute

We sure do. We have space for around 4 bikes in our upstairs space, and space downstairs in our Coffee Shop as well

are pets allowed into fruitworks?

pets, dogs, cats, fish

If you have a private office area then feel free (though no barking please). In the rest of the (upstairs) coworking space - afraid not. The coffee shop however is dog-friendly

can i have post delivered at fruitworks?

mail, register, mailbox, address

For those on a monthly plan - yes. There is no charge for this either. Post however must be collected within a month. You will be assigned a Suite number (as Google Maps freaks out otherwise).

how do i know i have post?

mail, mailbox, address

When you receive post, we will drop you an email. If you are in or have a fixed desk, we will drop it to you as well

do you have lengthy contracts

contracts, lease

Nope. We have rolling month by month memberships. Simple.

what is your notice period to cancel or suspend my account

contracts, lease, suspend, cancel

Don't leave us - ever! But if you must then simply let us know at least 7 working days before your next payment is due and we can stop the DD. If you let us know after this and we can't stop the DD or it has already been taken, we can only offer credit and not a refund.

how can i pay?

payment, credit card, cash, direct debit, dd

If you are on one of our plans - you must set up a Direct Debit. We do not accept cash or card. If you need the space for a fixed amount of time (such as 1 or 2 months) we will accept a bank transfer for the entire length required.

do you charge vat?

vat, payment, tax

Yes we do. It's included in the price (which means if you're VAT Registered too and can claim VAT back, then we're even cheaper). HMRC VAT registered GB 117572317.

why does my invoice come from fruitbowl media?

invoice, trading name, company name, fruitbowl

Fruitworks Coworking is a trading name of Fruitbowl Media Ltd (Registered in England and Wales company no. 7637596).

do you have a members agreement?

agreement, contract, rules

Yes we sure do. See the link in the footer to always get access to our latest members agreement. Nothing to sign - just some general bits and pieces.

can i work upstairs for a day?

day pass, hotdesking

We no longer allow day pass members access to our upstairs area. However we now have a new space downstairs. Simply connect to the WiFi, choose how long you want, pay online and you're away.

someone asked me for the wifi password?

wifi, access

Send them to the staff office. All members are emailed with the new passwords when they change. If they do not have the email - we either have the wrong email, they've not checked their emails, or they're not a current member.

do members get a discount on other things?

discount, community, meeting room, conference room, coffee

You sure do! Members get 75% off the conference room hire for our conference room. You also get 10% discount on all Garage Coffee purchases. Just show them your Fruitworks door card to get the discount. There are some other discounts that you will be told about when they happen

can i watch live tv or bbc iplayer?

tv, streaming, ondemand

If you have the correct licence/agreements in place, and are using your own equipment to view the content - yes. If you don't, then afraid not. No Fruitworks equipment is permitted to be used to show any live TV or pre-recorded BBC shows at any time. If you are watching BBC iPlayer or Live TV - you must not be plugged into Fruitworks electrics - as that constitutes as our equipment apparently

can i register my business on google here?

google, register, online

If you wish to register your business at Fruitworks you will need be assigned a unique suite number. Google My Business does not understand how Coworking Spaces work and will block others if you try to register one that's not unique. Any activation post cards from Google without a suite number will be returned-to-sender. To obtain a suite number - just drop us an email at [email protected]

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