Privacy Policy

Fruitworks, Fruitworks Coworking, Fruitworks Studios, Fruitworks Radio, and Fruitworks Coffee Shop are all trading names of Fruitbowl Media Limited.

Fruitbowl Media Limited fully complies with the letter and the spirit of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) 2018.

We have always understood the importance of securely storing our customers personal details and any other information you choose give us while using any our services.

We have not, do not and will not process any of your information without your explicit consent.

Neither do we share any of your information without your explicit consent.

When you give your consent, we make sure you fully understand exactly what you are consenting to.

And we do not keep your data for any longer than we need to.

All information we hold about you is provided only by you – we do not combine your data with data from other sources.

You can request to view all data and change the consents you have given at any time by contacting us at [email protected].

You can also download our full Data Protection Policy here

Minimum Consent required to use our service

In order to be able to provide you with a basic service, we have to store your email address and be able to email you with core service information, when required (such as confirmation that wish to sign up to use our services including memberships, access to our hotspot portal, hiring our space and booking events).

When you contact us to use one of our services, we will store the details in order to complete the process. Some data may be retained to comply with UK and EU laws for the service we are providing.

By using one of our service, you are giving us consent to do this. This is made clear to you when you contact us to either; a) sign up as a member, b) gain access to our WiFi access, c) hiring our space or d) booking a space at a Fruitworks event.

Web Access Information:

We store information about websites and protocols that guests and members visit/use whilst accessing an internet connection via one of our access points. This information is only used if required to for legal purposes such as an illegal activity has taken place.

Your MAC address of any connected device will be stored along with your full name and email address if provided.

Other information collected includes access times from a device to a specific access point as well as the amount of packets passed to and from the access point to your devices.

Payments and Invoices:

If you have paid to gain access to our internet connection, hired our space or are a member, your payment details and if needed billing address are also collected and stored.

If you have paid to attend an event – you can see our partner’s policy details here:

If you have paid via our online portal – you can see our partner’s policy details here:

If you have paid via our card machine – you can see our partner’s policy details here:

If you are a monthly member – you can see our partner’s policy details here:

Our invoicing partner is Xero. Their policy detail is here:

Anti-Spam Policy

Fruitbowl Media Ltd are against sending unsolicited bulk email (spam). All of our mailing lists are opt-in and contain links to be removed from any lists. You can additionally contact us to be removed manually by a member of our team at [email protected].

Fruitbowl Media Ltd does not authorise the harvesting, mining or collection of e-mail addresses or other information from our services. You may not use any of our services, or cause any of our services, to send spam.


Fruitworks is protected by CCTV cameras. These are to prevent crime and for public safety as part of our licensing agreements. CCTV is stored remotely for a period no longer than for 30 days unless a crime has been committed. CCTV is never shared to third parties for any purpose other than for the prevention of crime or to solve any criminal activity that has taken place and this is only ever passed directly to a government agency that may requests this – never to another private organisation or members of the public.