What is Fruitworks Rewards?

It's our way of saying a huge "thank you" to those who make our community better. It's us not only saying we appreciate you, it's us actually showing you that we do. Many companies are so worried about grabbing new customers, current customers are often brushed over which we think is just not right.

The Faithful Discount

Tell your friends about us

We couldn't have a rewards program without a referral scheme. Simply tell your friends and family about us; when they sign up for a membership and quote your name, we'll knock a pretty decent £40 off your next monthly bill after they been with us for that month! Just make sure they quote your name when signing up!

The Faithful Discount

Getting into the community spirit

A coworking space is only as good as its members. And we know that there are some who put time in to make the space even better for everyone else. That is why when we see someone doing something amazing for Fruitworks and/or its members, or our local community - we will (depending on the action) show our appreciation to them!

The Faithful Discount

…and more to come!

We always want to show new ways on how to reward our community. So we will always aim to add more rewards as we can think of how best to show our appreciation and ways to give back to our members.

Terms & Conditions

No legal fluff here

Last updated: 21/11/2021

Of course there will be terms and conditions. Wish there wasn't as we hate writing these as much as you hate reading them (unless you into that kind of thing). That's why we going to word it how we would like to read these things.

Use of the word offers and discounts are very interchangeable here - you get the idea - this is the spirit of the T&C's

Our rewards are offered as an extra and not included or promised. We reserve the right to withdraw or change offers and discounts at any time (but will provide notice because we not horrible people). Boring yes but hey - we are a business - we love you but also need to survive to keep serving you.

Offers applies to Coworking and Studio memberships - nothing else like lockers or other discounts.

Offers are discounts only - they cannot be transferred for physical cash, food, drinks, lifts home after a big night out or anything else. They are applied to active accounts only. (If you leave us - you don't get a negative invoice)

Offers are not transferable to anyone for any reason.

You must have a profile on this website to obtain any discount (so we can see what rewards you have earned).

The "Referral" perk

This is applied to your account the month after the person who quoted your name has paid for a full calendar month. This is to stop those cheeky few who pretend to sign up and cancel their Direct Debits (and yes it happens).

They MUST quote your full name when signing up that you have signed up with us. Telling us after they signed up does not count.

They must have an active membership for at least 1 month. That means paying any joining fees and the full amount for that months membership. If they use a discount for a month or have a free month for some reason - if does not count - they must have paid full price for at least one month as well as any joining fees.

The amount can change at any time from month to month. It likely won't but it could. Anything is possible after all. If they sign up before we change it - you get the amount at that time of the sign up as we are not evil.

The "Community Spirit" perk

Fruitworks staff know whats going on (well we hope we do) so will apply the discount and let the person know about it, when we know it's something that deserves it. We are not asses and this is not empty promises but obviously this is clearly for those who are genuinely helping others and the community - not for the discount but - for the love.

For times we don't notice something - or if you feel someone done something awesome please let us know about it via email. We will need to know their name (or description if not sure) and what they have done. You can't nominate yourself. You also can't pair up and nominate each other.

Fruitworks staff has final say (well actually the owner does but they trust their staff to make the right call).

The amount of discount will be valid for 1 invoice per thing. They could earn another month depending on if they do something else amazing.

The discount amount is up to the manager and dependant on what it is for.

As this discount is from the heart - there are not mortal words we can use to describe discount amounts or what counts as community spirit hence why we have not tried but you get the idea.

L.O.V.E what you see?

Spaces are being reserved quickly. Get in touch now to make sure to nab your space in the coolest work space in town (according to our awesome members).