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About Me

Hey! I’m Tony – I am a web developer based in Canterbury, working for Fruitbowl Media as the Senior Developer. I have been with Fruitbowl since 2010 when I was offered the job of SEO consultant whilst at University.

I work primarily on front-end development however have been known to dabble in back-end dev if required. Fluent in HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, Java, and can speak some jQuery. Also dabbled in Ruby on Rails for a large project. As a past SEO consultant I also know my way around Google Analytics. If you also need help with DNS (A Records, MX Records, Name Servers, etc etc) feel free to ask.

I am a total tech and media junkie and will often be found playing with the latest tech! Often referred to as an Apple fan boy I have way too much Apple in my house. I live in Greatstone with my wife.

I’m also the community manager at Fruitworks Coworking which is pretty damn awesome. Along with George, we are here to help members with anything they may need to be productive! You can contact me at [email protected]

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