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Hey! I’m Tony – a 28 year old web developer based in Canterbury, working for Fruitbowl Media as the Senior Developer. I have been with Fruitbowl since 2010 when I was offered the job of SEO consultant whilst at University.

I work primarily on front-end development however have been known to dabble in back-end dev if required. Fluent in HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, Java, and can speak some jQuery. Also dabbled in Ruby on Rails for a large project. As a past SEO consultant I also know my way around Google Analytics. If you also need help with DNS (A Records, MX Records, Name Servers, etc etc) feel free to ask.

I am a total tech and media junkie and will often be found playing with the latest tech! Often referred to as an Apple fan boy I have way too much Apple in my house. I live in Ashford, Kent with my wife.

I’m also the community manager at Fruitworks Coworking which is pretty damn awesome. Along with George, Kelly and Jamie and I am here to help members with anything they may need to be productive! You can contact me at [email protected]

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