7 Approaches To Become A Better Freelancer

Posted on 21 June, 2016

7 Approaches To Become A Better Freelancer

What if I told you there was a way to get freelance work without using these freelancing websites? What if there was a way to not compete with those who undermine a freelancers work by charging a lot less money? These tips below will help you become a better freelancer.

1. Get Out Networking!

A lot of freelancers think that it’s easier to get work online, and while that can be true – making connections in person works a whole lot better. Start attending networking groups in your local area and industry events. You can connect with people much better and on a more personal level and people prefer to work with people, not a name on a computer screen.

Make sure you have some great business cards too.

2. Learn To Pitch Properly

Don’t just pitch to every Tom, Dick and Sally – make sure you pitch when prompted to. Nobody likes someone who just turns up and pitches to everyone and never develops a relationship. If you are stuck with your pitch itself, we have a guide for that. https://fruitworks.co/give-knock-elevator-pitch/

3. Maintain A Presence On Social Media

Be active in groups on LinkedIn and Facebook by providing value in your industry. Engage in conversations and answer peoples questions. This way, you will develop your personal brand and will be creating relationships with these people.

4. Don’t Take On Every Piece Of Work

Not every job you are offered will get your creative juices flowing, and the best part of freelancing is you can pick and choose. While it can be a good idea if you have a quiet period, if you are nearly at capacity you should be mindful of the amount of work you can take on and what type of work you enjoy. Put your focus into getting the work that you enjoy.

5. Under-Promise and Over-Deliver

People love surprises, especially when it’s helping their business. Always make sure you under-promise the work you will do, and over-deliver. For instance, are you promising 90% more conversions on that new landing page you designed? Promise 50% in your bid. This allows for any discrepencies plus once they see that there is a huge difference in what you promise compared to what you deliver, they will be more likely see you as indespensible and become a loyal client.

6. Be Transparent

Be completely open with your clients especially if you make a mistake. Be honest if you don’t have all ofthe required skills for some work offered, as otherwise you will end up making yourself look worse if you don’t deliver. We’re all human and make mistakes and we can’t do everything. They will appreciate the honesty from you – just make sure you rectify any issue!

7. Be On Top Of Your Communication

When you’re a freelancer working remotely, your clients can often get a little bit worried if they don’t hear from you for a while. Keep them up-to-date if you are going away for a while or if you will be unavailable on certain days due to personal commitments. This way, they will not get worried if they cannot contact you on these days.