Clean And Healthy Workspace As A Foundation For Running Your Business Properly

Posted on 16 March, 2017

Clean And Healthy Workspace As A Foundation For Running Your Business Properly

You may be a brilliant entrepreneur, flawlessly running your business with a great number of loyal customers. But you should never forget about keeping your workspace clean and healthy, because it is the foundation of running every business. By having a properly maintained workplace, you create a second home to your employees, where they can do their best to be productive. It also reduces any health risks, so you will have less absent workers, and won’t have to worry about getting things done. Here is how you should keep your workspace at its best.

Design your offices with wellness in mind

The office is a second home to your employees – the place where many of them spend most of their day. This is why you need to design them so that they are as comfortable to your workers as possible. The first thing you should look after is your office ergonomics. Your furniture needs to be well-maintained and suitable to your workers in order to provide them with the most comfortable office experience. This includes ergonomic chairs, desks that can be set up to the proper height, adjustable monitor stands and quality keyboards.

Furthermore, you should make sure that the air quality indoors is at its best. While air pollutants may be invisible to the eye, it doesn’t mean that they aren’t an issue. Research has in fact shown that the amount of indoor pollutants could be up to 100 times greater than outdoors. You need to have your employees’ allergies in mind, so you should make sure that the office furniture is made out of proper fabrics, the walls are covered in non-toxic paints, and that you have enough plants as a counter effect.

Finally, take care of your lights. Improve visibility and, in effect, boost your employees’ morale and reduce eye strain. You should install light dimmers so that your workers can control the lighting according to their needs. Next to installing proper lighting, a lot of access to natural light is essential.

Provide a healthy diet

A healthy diet is an essential part of building a strong immune system, and a combatant against fatigue. In order to promote wellness in your workspace, you should make sure that your employees are eating proper food. As a company, you can advocate responsible food choices to your workers. For starters, you can stock your break room with healthy snacks. Options like granola bars and bottled water are a popular choice.

Next to that, you should arrange fresh fruit deliveries. Replace donuts as the choice for monthly meetings with natural sugars in the form of fresh fruit. You could partner up with a company that offers fruit delivery services, and make sure that you are stocked with healthy snacks. You can also improve on your lunch meetings, by replacing sandwiches and pizza with salads.

Make sure your premises are clean

You need to make sure that your offices are a clean environment, both for health reasons and as an image that represents your company. For starters, unclean and slippery floors are both unattractive and a potential hazard for health and safety of your workers. This is why it’s a good idea to use floor mats, so that as little as possible dirt is brought into your workspace.

Furthermore, Sydney strata cleaning professionals underline the importance of finding sustainable cleaning solutions, as regular cleaning chemicals emanate contaminants and vapors that negatively affect air quality. You should also make sure that you use cleaning products that prevent mold. Make sure that you regularly check air vents, floor drains and filters, and avoid overly moisturizing surfaces.  Mold requires immediate and thorough removal.

Battle the flu

The flu is a major factor in downfall of productivity, so you need to do your best to prepare for cold weather and keep your employees healthy. First of all, it is essential that surfaces that are commonly touched are kept clean. This includes door handles, phones, vending machines, stair railings, and the like. You need to regularly sanitize these surfaces, especially during flu season. Even if a surface may seem clean, it could be a nesting for germs, so it should be routinely taken care of. You should also educate your employees so that they always wash their hands.

Furthermore, you should educate your workers on the importance of getting vaccinated annually. Flu seasons usually begin in October and last as long as May. Due to the fact that it takes about two weeks for your body to develop antibodies after receiving the flu shot, it is a smart idea to be vaccinated as early as possible.

In summation

A clean and healthy environment ensures that your employees feel comfortable in their workplace. It also improves their productivity, and promotes a healthy lifestyle. Make sure that your offices are equipped with the most comfortable furniture, regularly cleaned using sustainable cleaning solutions, and supplied with fresh and healthy food. Also, do your best to protect your workers from the flu and other colds.