Create – Business Strategy & Communication HIGHLIGHTS

  • 29th March 2016
  • Event
  • 2 mins

Last Thursday we held our bi-monthly business networking event, Create, here at Fruitworks Coworking in Canterbury. We had an awesome collation of speakers all of which presented on Business Strategy & Communication!

First up, we had Hugo Barton from HCL Consultancy. Hugo presented on the four business structures you should know about plus their pros and cons. Key takeaways from this presentation included – you could be in a business partnership and not know about it and for all structures (other than a sole trader-ship), it is advisable to have a written agreement in place to cover your obligations and expectations between owners. Hugo did incorporate Boris Johnson into his presentation to add an element of humour, but even though it isn’t the most exciting of subjects he kept the audience’s attention and filled us with knowledge. I wonder how many attendees now regret their business structure choice….

Hugo Barton with some wise words about business entities

— cascadejulie (@cascadejulie) March 24, 2016

Next up at Create, we had the awesome Stella Quentin, a business doctor and accidental businesswoman (her words, not ours!) who presented on what cease trading means for your business  and those you trade with. Key takeaways from this presentation included – protect yourself by investigating who you’re working with by checking references, companies house & due diligence and also what causes businesses to fail. Stella was extremely knowledgeable in her topic and as a trained accountant, was able to give a financial point of view on cease trading.

Last, but most definitely not least was animal man, Stephen Spencer! Stephen is a coach and consultant for the Positive Customer Experience, and there’s no doubt why. Stephen brims full of positivity and it’s extremely infectious. His unique take on bettering communication in your business was not only hilarious but provided us with the means to communicate with colleagues effectively and explained this with… wait for it… animal hats! Key takeaways include – we may speak the same language but that doesn’t mean the message has gotten across properly and we got to see what animal personality we were!

Stay tuned for videos from the night taken by our event sponsor, Wagon Films. We would like to say a big thank you to everybody who came along, those who brought supporter tickets (you help keep these events going!), the speakers and to both of our sponsors for Create, Wagon Films & Space Between. We hope you enjoyed the night as much as we did! To check out the rest of the highlights, check out the Twitter hashtag – #FWCreate 

“Create is a great networking event with interesting and informative speakers which was well organised by Kelly Culver. An event not to be missed.” – Sally Marshall, Marshalls Consulting  “Create is such a fun event to attend, I love the informal nature, as well as the nuggets of valuable information I leave with after each event. If you’re looking to attend an event which is fun, friendly and full of value, Create is the event for you!” – Daniel Knowlton, KPS Digital Marketing