Create – May 26th 2016 Highlights

Posted on 1 June, 2016

Create – May 26th 2016 Highlights

We had another cracking Create last month with Lucy Milton, Carlton Walls and John Hippisley. Our focus for this time was on growing your digital presence and self-publishing your eBook. The evening was full of networking with slight tipsiness from some of the attendees, but it was an enjoyable evening.

First up we had Lucy Milton, who is the Managing Director of Dandelion Social and she explained to everyone the what, why’s and how’s of podcasting. Lucy started up her podcast a couple of months ago and has had experience with the nerves (very relateable to most of us!) as well as the strategies she used to grow it.

Second off we had Carlton Walls of Wagon Films (who was also filming the event, multitasking! ;)) who taught us about the different use of video in your business and what types of videos can work best. Key takeaways from Carlton’s presentation were A) don’t rely on technology all the time (see video below ;)) B) Videos will soon be crucial for growing your business C) Good quality videos can be made on your phone, you don’t have an excuse! Videos include product reviews, testimonials, live-streaming and more. We took action on what he said straight away and captured the testimonial video above (and more), shot on an iPhone 6S yet the quality is fantastic!

Last but not least, we had John Hippisley of Canterbury Ghost Tour who taught us all how to self-publish your ebook on Amazon. John kept the audience engaged all the way through and injected humour into his presentation.

Key takeaways were; get your cover page professionally designed, get it spellchecked, don’t forget your index page and make sure you resize to Kindle (as this is different from both A4 and A5).