Cafe des Amis

  • 11th March 2016
  • Top Ranked
  • 8/10

Each Friday we try different dining establishments across Canterbury, and we never know what’s coming up next. Today we frequented the awesome Mexican restaurant that is… Café Des Amis!

The atmosphere within Café Des Amis is relaxed and chilled out, perfect for lunch and you can hear Mexican styled music lightly in the background. Most of the tables are rounded or sit a maximum of four, I assume so everybody is able to see each other and this idea works fantastic… Unless you have 7 people like us so we need a bench table.

Ordering food was quick and easy, and there was even things on the menu for one of our members who has an allergy to dairy and one who simply does not like spicy food (even though it’s a Mexican restaurant..). The staff members handled these allergies/dislikes very well and advised both members as to what they can and can’t have, it’s not often you have someone who will go through the menu with you.

Now here comes the not so fun part. The main course took approximately 45 minutes to come out, however three of our members had a starter of nachos so this is fairly understandable. For a “Lunch Menu”, it’s not advisable to attend for lunch as it will take up your lunch break and more, but in our opinion the food was worth the wait. We did, however, have to skip our chocolate cake as a pudding as we had to get back to the office.

Café Des Amis is somewhere we would definitely return to – the food was fantastic and affordable.