Jack Neale


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  • 14 Nov 2016
    14 Nov 2026

Fruitworks ❤️ Jack.

About me

MyMny was founded by Jack Neale who has over 15 years of experience delivering and managing financial advice services. He has worked within the banking sector, Financial Conduct Authority and also managed the Government consumer Money Advice Service Nationally. Jack has chosen to associate MyMny with the Julian Harris Network to ensure the business is always kept within the regulatory guidelines. Julian Harris provide MyMny with compliance checks, supporting documentation and additional tools required to ensure every customer receives the highest quality advice. MyMny receives ongoing compliance training and feedback to continually develop our team.

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Terms & Conditions

Last updated: December 5, 2022

Fond Coffee

Members can receive 10% of all Fond Coffee products sold at Fond Coffee, 1-2 Jewry Lane, Canterbury, Kent only. This offer is provided by Fond Coffee and they have the right to remove the offer at any time. Members must request the discount at the time of the order and provide valid proof of membership to Fruitworks Coworking to receive the offer. This offer does not apply to events, third party goods or discounted items.

Last updated: December 5, 2022

The Foundry Brew Pub Canterbury

This discount is available to all Fruitworks Coworking and Studio members and staff. This offer is provided by the Foundry Brew Pub and may be withdrawn at their discretion. You must produce a valid membership discount card for the discount to be applied. This is for drink in only and not available on takeaway drinks.

Last updated: December 5, 2022

Jobs in Kent

Discounts and amounts are offered by JobsInKent.com and available upon request. Please contact a member of Fruitworks staff more information.