Free Range

Shake Us Out Of Our Habits

Free Range is an award-wining series of experimental music, film and poetry events. Our events happen at 8.30pm every Thursday from October to March at Garage Coffee @ Fruitworks (off Stour Street) in Canterbury, Kent. All events are free entry.

Since we began in 2012 we have presented 125 events featuring internationally established artists in modern poetry, free improvisation, jazz and experimental music alongside artists from the rich and diverse new music and poetry scenes in Kent. Our new series includes 20 fantastic events, 9 of which have been curated in collaboration with local collectives, record labels, bands and festivals.

Free Range is passionate about experimental art because it aims to shake us out of our habits; to provoke us to look and listen afresh. And we believe this is vital for our development as artists, individuals and a society.

We are a small arts charity supported by regular donations from audience members. Regular donors get a free glass of wine at each event: why not help us continue to change the way people listen by donating today? Click the donate button to go to our secure payment system.

As well as our weekly events we are starting a Free Range parent and children’s orchestra. If you’d like to hear more about what we do you can sign up to our mailing list (see sidebar), follow us on twitter (@Free_Range_) and like us on Facebook.

You can contact us at [email protected]


In June 2013 Free Range was delighted to win the Cultural Pioneer award at the Culture Awards. This is what the judges said:

“This award recognises a truly pioneering, imaginative and courageous project that has collaboration at its heart. By connecting a variety of practitioners and performers, this initiative has created one of the most exciting and innovative programme of events in Canterbury’s cultural scene. These events are a rich and creative mix of music, film, poetry, technology and even culinary experimentation. They cross disciplines, blending performances to create cultural experiences that amaze, inspire and excite.”