The Great Fruitworks Bake-Off

  • 25th August 2015
  • Event
  • 1 min


So today we had a bit of a spontaneous event at Fruitworks. The team like to get our members involved and socialising, plus we had some bananas left in our fruit bowl, so we set them a challenge. Who can create the best banana bread.


Emily’s (left) was a Nigella Lawson recipe with walnuts and Bournville chocolate chunks whilst Kelly’s (right) was a simple yet healthy banana and yoghurt. Both were delicious and the Fruitworks members definitely appreciated judging them.


As it’s the first time we have held it, this was only a friendly match. However, it’s Brownie Week next week and that will be judged by the Fruitworks members. We love it, after all, it is free cake 🙂 Which do you think looks best?