Using Live Video For Your Business

Posted on 1 June, 2016

Using Live Video For Your Business

With the recent addition of Facebook to the collection of live broadcast platforms is it safe to say that broadcasting live has finally reached the masses. Apps like Periscope and Meerkat have been around for a little while and has had a huge following

This new phenomenon has brought a new exciting edge to the use of video, particularly to sharing family and personal content in the live format.

However, I do question its effective use in business. By the very virtue that it is ‘live’ it does lend itself perfectly to news items, live opportune comments or interviews. The fact that to a degree you can have audience interaction, which in the case of Periscope can be comments and questions add an important dimension to the broadcast enabling Q&A sessions.

As with any video or film, it’s production will be ineffective if it lacks an audience. The term ‘live’ by definition requires an instantaneous audience. That audience needs to be prepared to invest time to watch a live broadcast. Ergo the content needs to be engaging and time relevant. Conversely, audiences and viewers need to be prepared to dedicate a specific time to watch the live broadcast too. Saving the broadcast to watch later reduces the content to a ‘previously recorded’ category. Nothing wrong with that but it’s no longer live and could have been recorded normally.

There is no doubt that this is a new and exciting way to interact with your audience. We Tweet content as it happens and hashtags allow interested content consumers to track what’s being tweeted. This and the growth of Live broadcasting is demonstrating a trend to consume content as its produced and there is no reason why we shouldn’t use video to do the same. The fact that the audience can interact and even ask the broadcaster questions to prompt an immediate answer is definitely an added bonus.

However, speaking personally, watching closely to the way in which it is being used already, I can’t help feeling that it’s miss use is contributing to the ever increasing noise of irrelevant and unfocused content being uploaded every minute of every day.

A business owner at a recent networking event commented that it’s yet another aspect of social media they now have to learn and participate in and that they were feeling overwhelmed. My advice is; don’t worry about it and if your content is not relevant to a live audience, by not doing it you’ll be doing us all a favour. My argument is; myself and millions of others on Facebook will be the better for it. 

Integrating live broadcasts into business marketing needs to uphold the brand and its overall message. If it fails to do this then the results will be poor and results will potentially be damaging to the brand.

Speaking from experience within the television industry, live broadcasts fits squarely into the news category of information delivery because news or information is unfolding at that moment. With the ability to have viewer interaction with comments, hearts and ‘claps’, it does open live broadcast to an educational or comment use, and if that suits your business model, exploit it. If it doesn’t then don’t worry about it.

So how do get you and your Live broadcasts stand above the rest and contribute to building your audience and followers, from whom, some will inevitably become customers?

7 Live Broadcasting Tips 

  1. Use it to report news or announcements at events, to interview people in the moment or to encourage viewer interaction through a live Q& A sessions.
  2. Keep your broadcast relevant and don’t digress.
  3. Tell the viewer what your Broadcast will cover in very brief points at the beginning of your broadcast.
  4. Encourage interaction – if you want it – by inviting questions, but after you have delivered you main content. You could say ” …. and after, if you have any questions please ask at the end.”
  5. Don’t get too close to the lens, watch your backgrounds and make sure you can be heard clearly. Test record yourself at the location before you go line to you can see.
  6. Your broadcast title should reveal the subject of the content.
  7. Save your “who you are” till the end, just like a news reporter. Your viewers will know who you are by your profile. It’s also a great way to deliver your call to action. Eg ” So I’m Lisa Holms, I am a lifestyle coach. If you have enjoyed this broadcast like it, share it, comment about it and to get in touch direct message me! Thanks for watching.”

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